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Alright so here’s my first review guys!! A few months ago I bought Insomnium Wig's Noble Lace-Front wig for my Belle cosplay. Being my first lace front wig I was quite nervous because I didn't know what to expect!! I also prefer shorter wigs to longer wigs by the mile (lots of 3 hour detangling sessions for friends has led to a dislike and avoidance of them when possible image ) so I was feeling sort of iffy about the whole ‘Will I be able to style this wig? Will it sit okay?’ dilemma that I had. 

Insomnium’s shipping was quite fast and somewhat inexpensive, and the wig arrived in perfect condition and just a slightly darker colour than the preview of the wig had shown. There were no problems with the shipping or product so there was minimal contact between myself and the store.
Due to my inexperience with these sorts of wigs, it was an experience (quite a scary one) to figure out what exactly needed to be done as the lace had to be cut to your own head/hairline. There were no instructions or anything supplied with the wig, so it was a little confusing, and no tape came with the wig either. However, looking up tutorials on the internet to do with lacefront wigs was no issue, luckily!! 
Styling the wig for Belle was no problem (not shown in photos) as the quality of the wig is extremely high and untangles very easily when using a wire wide-toothed comb. Of course, when a plastic comb is used, the ends of the wig do mat and frizz as per usual with long wigs. 
The wig holds fairly well using hairspray and bobby-pins and is lightweight and not too tight around the head so is fine to wear around in cons. There are a few stray hairs here and there but nothing to horrible. The wig also doesn’t slip unless pulled, yet I secure it usually with bobby-pins just to make sure. It’s extremely easy to comb out the hairspray and plait it/tie it up afterwards to store (I hang my longer wigs on the back of my door so that they don’t tangle up and can be brushed frequently.)

All in all, I recommend ordering from Insomnium Wigs as their wigs are high quality, and very princess looking from what I have gotten from my order. I will certainly be looking into buying from them again as I am quite satisfied with the wig that I received. 


SHIPPING: image / 5
CUSTOMER SERVICE: imageimageimageimage /5

QUALITY: imageimageimageimage /5
OVERALL: imageimageimageimageimage /5

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